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James Thompson (Pro Fighter)
Alright there, James, I've been using the Caulfilower Ear Treatment for a over a week now and it's really helped. Thanks ever so much. read more

Satisfaction Guaranteed: It works, or your money back.*

You Can Treat Your Cauliflower Ear Painlessly!

Chances are you've been searching the web for a treatment for cauliflower ear. And what is generally suggested? Needles, doctor$, and pain. You can avoid that displeasure by effectively treating your cauliflower ear with The Original Cauliflower Ear Treatment. Here's what you can expect from our treatment:
  • A safe approach to treatment—the treatment is applied to the skin instead of breaking the skin (less chance for an infection)
  • Fast pain-relief—most treatment users feel significant pain relief within 24-hours
  • Significant swelling reduction—in the early stages of cauliflower ear, users report significant reduction in swelling within 24 to 48-hours of treatment
  • Late-stage healing—users of the treatment report that even hardened cauliflower ear has been diminished through consistent treatment
  • High-quality natural ingredients—we use high-grade natural ingredients to ensure maximum effectiveness of the treatment
  • Inexpensive—our treatment is only $34.95 + S&H (inexpensive compared to a single $150 visit to the doctor)
  • Years of experience—this treatment has been under development and used in secret for five years with select wrestling teams
  • Easy to use—apply the treatment to the affected area three times a day for as little as three days

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Or you can do it the hard way...

Take a trip to the doctor—money and time

A single trip to the doctor to drain your cauliflower ear will cost you $150 and hours of your time. Here's what you can expect:
  • A steep bill—$150 or more (and some insurance plans won't cover the procedure)
  • A painfully-massive needle
  • Swelling and pain after the procedure
  • A high-likelihood of recurrence—the doctor will tell you that (even rolling over in your sleep can cause a recurrence)...that means no mat time
  • An offer by your doctor to have the front of your ear stitched to the back of your ear...painful and you're out of comission while it heals
  • Antibiotic prescription—to prevent further infection, the doctor will likely prescribe an antibiotic
  • The possibility of expensive reconstructive surgery—plan to spend weeks in recovery and a few $1,000

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Drain your own ear—painful and dangerous idea

You'll hear some guys say that they have drained their own ear with a needle. This is a very dangerous and painful procedure and we strongly discourage this practice. Here's what you can expect from draining your own ear:
  • You may not drain all the fluid or none at all—unless you hit the pocket of fluid with a big enough needle (sorry, sewing needles don't cut it), you'll miss a lot of fluid. The swelling will come right back.
  • You'll have to find and use a large-gauge hypodermic needle—sewing needles don't work, and small hypodermic needles won't properly drain the fluid
  • Risk painful and threatening infection—if you introduce bacteria through the needle to your ear, you're headed for a nasty infection
  • A high-likelihood of recurrence—not even the doctors prevent that
  • If the swelling is ineffectively treated, significant hearing loss—the pressure in the ear can build up and rupture the ear drum
  • The expensive option of reconstructive surgery if ineffectively treated—more time in recovery

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You can do nothing—you risk serious side-effects

If you leave your cauliflower ear untreated, you may get lucky and it may drain itself. More likely, here's what to expect:
  • Permanent disfiguration of the ear—the blood and clot material will be encased by your body's defense system leaving permanent disfiguration (though our solution can help)
  • Reconstructive surgery to reverse disfiguration
  • Ruptured ear drums—the pressure in the ear can build up and rupture the ear drum
  • Irreversible, pressure-induced hearing loss
  • A visit to the doctor anyways—when the pain and swelling get bad enough, you'll go in

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* Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund 100% of the purchase price (shipping not included). You must use the treatment for at least 14 days after purchase and must return the unused portion within 60 days of purchase. We require that you submit an email to before returning the unused portion of the treatment. At that point, we will give you instructions on returning the treatment. Once we receive the unused portion of the product, we will promptly refund the price of the treatment.

** With any treatment, we recommend you consult your physician. If you experience pain or swelling for more that a few days, we recommend you see a physician immediately. Claims associated with The Original Cauliflower Ear Treatment have not been verified by the FDA. Please read our legal statement to understand more.

Cheer up! Get effective, pain-free treatment
The Original Cauliflower Ear Treatment can:
  • Reduce the throbbing pain
  • Shrink the unsightly swelling
  • Improve the appearance of old, hardened tissue
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